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Tasting Room Hours

Thursday – Monday from 12-6pm

Tasting Room Menu

Tasting of Two Wines


Tasting of Three Wines


Tasting of Four Wines


Reserve Wines – $4 each to taste

One Woman Wines & Vineyards
5195 Old North Road
Southold, New York
Phone: 631-765-1200
Fax: 631-602-0056
Thursday Thru Monday from 12-6:00PM
All groups larger than six people require a reservation a minimum
of 48 hours in advance, without one you WILL be turned away.

Absolutely no buses or limos without a reservation.

TasteNY Grand Central
7 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-663-2212
M-Th 7am-9pm, F 7am- 10pm
Sat & Sun 10am-8pm

Featuring food, wine, beer, liquor &
coffee from throughout New York State.

Upcoming Events

    Please note that we will not be continuing our Tasting Under the Stars weekly event for the 2016 season. Tasting Under the Stars will be held four times this year:
    6/18 , 7/31, 9/24 and 10/8.

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